PME28 Bergen, Norway 14–18 July 2004

The 28th International Conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education

Working Sessions

WS01Olive, John & Blanton, Maria
Developing algebraic reasoning in the early grades (k-8): the early algebra working group

WS02Robutti, Ornella & Bolite Frant, Janete
Embodiment, Metaphor and Gesture in Mathematics

WS03Barwell, Richard & Halai, Anjum & Setati, Mamokgethi
Researching the teaching and learning of mathematics in multilingual classrooms

WS04Speiser, Robert & Maher, Carolyn
The Complexity of Learning to Reason Probabilistically

WS05Hannula, Markku & Lebethe, Agatha
Creative writing

WS06Hegedus, Stephen & Eisenberg, Theodore & Tall, David
Symbolic Cognition in Advanced Mathematics

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