PME28 Bergen, Norway 14–18 July 2004

The 28th International Conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education

Research Forums

RF01Hannula, Markku & Evans, Jeff & Philippou, George & Zan, Rosetta
Affect in mathematics education exploring theoretical frameworks

RF02Bazzini, Luciana & Tsamir, Pessia
Algebraic Equations and Inequalities:Issues for Research and Teaching

RF03Doerr, Helen & Wood, Terry
International Perspectives on the Nature of Mathematical Knowledge for Secondary Teaching: Progress and Dilemmas

RF04Emanuelsson, Jonas & Clarke, David
Contrasting comparative research on teaching and learning in mathematics

RF05Barwell, Richard & Clarkson, Philip
Researching mathematics education in multilingual contects: Theory, methodolog and teaching mathematics

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