T. Chantladze, N. Kandelaki, and A. Lomtatidze

On Zeros of Solutions of a Second Order Singular Half-linear Equation

In the present paper we consider the equation $$ u''=p(t)|u|^\al|u'|^{1-\al}\sgn u, $$ where $\al\in ]0,1]$, the function $p:]a,b[\to R$ is locally integrable, and $\int_a^b(s-a)^\al(b-s)^\al|p(s)|ds<+\INFTY$. LEAST FOR $[A,B]$ AT HAVING THE EXISTENCE A TWO SUFFICIENT ON ESTABLISHED. SEGMENT OF SOLUTION ZEROS ARE CONDITIONS

Mathematics Subject Classification: 34C10, 34K15, 34K25.

Key words and phrases: second order singular half-linear equation, proper solutions, number of zero points.