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Acta Universitatis Apulensis

Universitatea „1 Decembrie 1918” din Alba Iulia





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C. Anghel - Quantum sheaf cohomology on surfaces of general type I: construction of stable omalous bundles
R. Bucur, D. Breaz - Univalence conditions for a  new general integral operator
I. Chitescu - Non additive (fuzzy) measures. Non linear (fuzzy)  integrals
P. Dicu, R.  Diaconu - Preserving  properties and estimation of the  coefficients for functions that belong to the subclass of analytic functions
A. Alb Lupas - On some differential sandwich theorems using a multiplier transformation and Ruscheweyh derivative
C.L. Mihit, R. Lolea - Lyapunov functions for trichotomy with different growth rates
I.  Mihoc, C.I. Fatu - On  some  probabilistic  and  informational characterizations of the Weibull distribution
A.O. Pall-Szabo, O. Engel - Certain class of analytic functions with varying arguments defined by Salagean derivative
I. Valusescu - Stationary dilation of a nonstationary Gamma-correlated process
D. Wainberg, M. Aldea, L. Cabulea - Some properties of an integral operator
B.D. Bucur -  Several remarks on generating a theoretical model of modal logic
A.M. Coroiu - Partitional clustering methods with ordinal data

A. Garrido - The challenges of AI
M. Muntean, H. Valean, L. Cabulea - Feature selection methods for multidimensional datasets
C. Rotar -  Directed evolution - a bio-inspired optimization technique
I. Tulbure, M.F. Jischa - Fuzzy logic based approach for environmental impact assessment