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Acta Universitatis Apulensis

Universitatea „1 Decembrie 1918” din Alba Iulia

Year 2009 / Acta / 19




Haval Mahmood Mahamad Salih and Arsham Borumand Saeid - On alfa-level topological groups
Adib Adel Nasim - Various representations for the system of hyperbolic equations with singular coefficients
Alb Lupas Alina - A Subclass of analytic functions defined by ruscheweyh derivative
Abbas Najati and Asghar Rahimi - Homomorphisms between c*-algebras and their stabilities
G.T. Sreenivasa, Venkatesha , C.S.Bagewadi and K. Naganagoud - On weakly symmetric and special weakly ricci symmetric lorentzian beta-kenmotsu manifolds
C.Selvaraj and C.Santhosh Moni - Certain classes of analytic functions of complex order
Changhong Wu, Lanzhe Liu - Boundedness for multilinear commutator of littlewood-paley operator on hardy and herz-hardy spaces
Shahram Najafzadeh and Ali Ebadian - Neighborhood and partial sum property for univalent holomorphic functions in terms of komatu operator
Faycal Merghadi, Abdelkrim Aliouche, Brian Fisher - A related fixed point theorem in n complete metric spaces
Georgia Irina Oros - Strong differential superordination
Hemen Dutta - ON Some isometric spaces of  and 
Temitope Gbolahan Jaiyeol - On the universality of central loops
Hamed H. Alsulami, Saud M. Alsulami and Liaqat Ali Khan - On precompact multiplication operators on weighted function spaces
Mahmoud Saoud, Jebran Jebran - Finding a minimum dominating set by transforming domination of vertices
Malay Bhattacharyya, Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay, Ujjwal Maulik - Non-primes are recursively divisible
Mehdi Alaeiyan, B. N. Onagh - Semisymmetric cubic graphs of order 4pn
S. P. Goyal, Pranay Goswami - Certain coefficient inequalities for sakaguchi type functions and applications to fractional derivative operator
Serap Bulut - Some extensions of sufficient conditions for univalence of an integral operator on the classes Tj , Tj, µ and Sj(p)
Virgil Pescar - Univalence criteria
Xun Ge - Mappings on s-paracompact spaces
Virgil Pescar, Daniel Breaz - Univalence criterion for an integral operator
Aabed Mohammed, Maslina Darus and Daniel Breaz - On close-to-convex for certain integral operators
Natalia C. Rosca - A combined monte carlo and quasi-monte carlo method with applications to option pricing