Archivum mathematicum

ISSN 1212-5059 · Volume 59 (2023), No. 3 · Electronic Edition

This issue of Archivum mathematicum containing Proceedings of Equadiff 15, Section Numerical analysis and applications, is available in PDF (2.3 MB).

Foreword to Proceedings of Equadiff 15

Laura Carini, Max Jensen, and Robert Nürnberg
Deep learning for gradient flows using the Brezis–Ekeland principle
pp. 249–261: Abstract, GZIP-PS (692 KiB), PDF (884 KiB)

Klaus Deckelnick and Robert Nürnberg
An unconditionally stable finite element scheme for anisotropic curve shortening flow
pp. 263–274: Abstract, GZIP-PS (668 KiB), PDF (601 KiB)

Victor A. Kovtunenko, Ján Eliaš, Pavel Krejčí, Giselle A. Monteiro, and Judita Runcziková
Stress-controlled hysteresis and long-time dynamics of implicit differential equations arising in hypoplasticity
pp. 275–286: Abstract, GZIP-PS (449 KiB), PDF (542 KiB)

Petr Tomášek
On Euler methods for Caputo fractional differential equations
pp. 287–294: Abstract, GZIP-PS (652 KiB), PDF (557 KiB)

Jiří Vala
Numerical approaches to the modelling of quasi-brittle crack propagation
pp. 295–303: Abstract, GZIP-PS (342 KiB), PDF (353 KiB)