Archivum mathematicum

ISSN 1212-5059 · Volume 59 (2023), No. 2 · Electronic Edition

This issue of Archivum mathematicum containing Proceedings of Equadiff 15, Section Partial differential equations, is available in PDF (2.5 MB).

Foreword to Proceedings of Equadiff 15

Soohyun Bae
A priori bounds for positive radial solutions of quasilinear equations of Lane–Emden type
pp. 155–162: Abstract, GZIP-PS (391 KiB), PDF (403 KiB)

Yutaro Chiyo
Large time behavior in a quasilinear parabolic-parabolic-elliptic attraction-repulsion chemotaxis system
pp. 163–171: Abstract, GZIP-PS (382 KiB), PDF (392 KiB)

Jan Eisner and Jan Žilavý
Critical points for reaction-diffusion system with one and two unilateral conditions
pp. 173–180: Abstract, GZIP-PS (702 KiB), PDF (697 KiB)

Sachiko Ishida and Tomomi Yokota
Stabilization in degenerate parabolic equations in divergence form and application to chemotaxis systems
pp. 181–189: Abstract, GZIP-PS (381 KiB), PDF (389 KiB)

Oleksiy Kapustyan, Olena Kapustian, Oleksandr Stanzytskyi, and Ihor Korol
Uniform attractors in sup-norm for semi linear parabolic problem and application to the robust stability theory
pp. 191–200: Abstract, GZIP-PS (416 KiB), PDF (422 KiB)

Philippe Laurençot and Bogdan-Vasile Matioc
Weak-strong uniqueness for a class of degenerate parabolic cross-diffusion systems
pp. 201–213: Abstract, GZIP-PS (435 KiB), PDF (438 KiB)

Masaaki Mizukami and Yuya Tanaka
Finite-time blow-up in a two-species chemotaxis-competition model with single production
pp. 215–222: Abstract, GZIP-PS (376 KiB), PDF (385 KiB)

Yuya Tanaka
Existence of blow-up solutions for a degenerate parabolic-elliptic Keller–Segel system with logistic source
pp. 223–230: Abstract, GZIP-PS (383 KiB), PDF (390 KiB)

Aneta Wróblewska-Kamińska
Stability with respect to domain of the low Mach number limit of compressible heat-conducting viscous fluid
pp. 231–243: Abstract, GZIP-PS (451 KiB), PDF (462 KiB)