Archivum mathematicum

ISSN 1212-5059 · Volume 59 (2023), No. 1 · Electronic Edition

This issue of Archivum mathematicum containing Proceedings of Equadiff 15, Section Ordinary differential equations, is available in PDF (4.1 MB).

Foreword to Proceedings of Equadiff 15

Jan Andres and Pavel Ludvík
Topological entropy and differential equations
pp. 3–10: Abstract, GZIP-PS (380 KiB), PDF (378 KiB)

Natalia Dilna
General exact solvability conditions for the initial value problems for linear fractional functional differential equations
pp. 11–19: Abstract, GZIP-PS (358 KiB), PDF (351 KiB)

Irada Dzhalladova and Miroslava Růžičková
Systems of differential equations modeling non-Markov processes
pp. 21–29: Abstract, GZIP-PS (324 KiB), PDF (338 KiB)

Filip Ficek
Stationary solutions of semilinear Schrödinger equations with trapping potentials in supercritical dimensions
pp. 31–38: Abstract, GZIP-PS (365 KiB), PDF (370 KiB)

Kōdai Fujimoto
A note on the oscillation problems for differential equations with $p(t)$-Laplacian
pp. 39–45: Abstract, GZIP-PS (372 KiB), PDF (374 KiB)

Matthias Geyer, Jan Hausmann, Konrad Kitzing, Madlyn Senkyr, and Stefan Siegmund
Maxwell's equations revisited - mental imagery and mathematical symbols
pp. 47–68: Abstract, GZIP-PS (624 KiB), PDF (766 KiB)

Anatoli Ivanov and Sergiy Shelyag
Stable periodic solutions in scalar periodic differential delay equations
pp. 69–76: Abstract, GZIP-PS (584 KiB), PDF (603 KiB)

Hideaki Matsunaga
Delay-dependent stability conditions for fundamental characteristic functions
pp. 77–84: Abstract, GZIP-PS (472 KiB), PDF (486 KiB)

Masakazu Onitsuka
Approximation of limit cycle of differential systems with variable coefficients
pp. 85–97: Abstract, GZIP-PS (1283 KiB), PDF (1267 KiB)

Martina Pavlačková and Valentina Taddei
Nonlocal semilinear second-order differential inclusions in abstract spaces without compactness
pp. 99–107: Abstract, GZIP-PS (372 KiB), PDF (384 KiB)

Vladimir Rasvan
Around certain critical cases in stability studies in hydraulic engineering
pp. 109–116: Abstract, GZIP-PS (359 KiB), PDF (372 KiB)

Satyam Narayan Srivastava, Alexander Domoshnitsky, Seshadev Padhi, and Vladimir Raichik
Unique solvability of fractional functional differential equation on the basis of Vallée-Poussin theorem
pp. 117–123: Abstract, GZIP-PS (354 KiB), PDF (364 KiB)

Viera Štoudková Růžičková
Riccati matrix differential equation and the discrete order preserving property
pp. 125–131: Abstract, GZIP-PS (321 KiB), PDF (333 KiB)

Tomoharu Suda
Equivalence of ill-posed dynamical systems
pp. 133–140: Abstract, GZIP-PS (347 KiB), PDF (364 KiB)

Gabriela Vážanová
Solutions of an advance-delay differential equation and their asymptotic behaviour
pp. 141–149: Abstract, GZIP-PS (467 KiB), PDF (450 KiB)